Reports short summary

Create a new report

Select database and add to current project
Right click on project tree and select "New report"

Insert name of new report

The main report designer window will popup.

If you want to insert database fields (which you normally want to do in a report) select the table which should be used in the report.

After you have selected a database table you may insert fields into your report parts. Click on the field button on the left side of the report designer and afterwards on the position where you want to insert the field. The field_designer pops up where you should insert the expression that describes the contents of the field.

There is much place for the expression but currently you may only insert one line with an expression composed of
Within the report designer you may select the report to be sorted by one or more fields of the base table. Click with the right mouse button within the report designer window and select "edit groups" within the popup menu. You can add some fields for sorting or grouping within the following dialog.

After you have inserted all fields required you may take a look at the report how it might be printed. Click on the "fullpage preview" or "detailed preview" button and the main window will show how the report looks like if real values have been inserted into your report fields.

Click on the printer button to send your report to a printer or store it within a file.