This document shows some screenshots of the HBasic program and dialogs that may be used to edit substructures. Click on the small images to get the full size view.


For more screenshots also take a look at the source code examples where you can find some additional screen shots for some programs.

HBasic Mainwindow

This screenshot shows the HBasic mainwindow with all windows you normally can see after starting the program.


Project tree

The project tree window shows all parts of your HBasic project. It may be used in different ways depending on which parts of the project you want to see.



Used to view the HTML documents for HBasic. HTML Help-dialogs display some more information than a simple message popup.


New module dialog

This dialog pops up if you want to create a new module or substructure for the current project.


Debugging window

The debugging window may be used with a running HBasic program (stopped at a breakpoint) to step through the program and show the variable values.


Code folding

Folding source code in the editor

Code completion

Automatic code completion in the source code editor

Menu + toolbar editor

This is a first form of a menu and toolbar editor. The tree views show the current structure of the menubar and toolbar for the current form and the actions are used to establish a connection between the menubar and toolbar entries and the sourcecode that should be started when the entry will be activated.


Option dialog

The option dialog may be used to edit some global options for the HBasic program.


Package manager

With the package manager you may define which predefined component packages will be loaded when starting HBasic and find some information about methods, properties and events that will be exported by the components of each package.

DB connect with database properties

This window may be used to define connections to database servers. You have to connect a database to your project before you can edit the table contents, create a database query or start a report.


DB edit Query

This window may be used to create or edit a database query.


Database report window

This two screenshots show the report editor window with a special version of the property editor and the output of the report execution. This is a very early version of a report editor and will be extended in oncoming versions.


SQL statement designer

The SQL statement designer can be used to create edit or execute SQL statements that may be used again later.


Data aware forms

Data aware forms may be used to edit the fields of a database table within a HBasic GUI form. You can set up a working data form without any line of HBasic source code. (See example ex_data_form.bas)


Database design window

The database design window should show the fixed relations between special table-columns of the database connected to your project.

DB edit table contents


DB edit table structure

This is an alpha version of an editor to create new database tables or edit the structure of an existing table.


Calc sheet


Chart / diagram


User/group editor component

Example of a complex shared object library component