DBQUERY component

The hbasic_dbquery component may be used to display the result of a database query within a table widget. You have to define the properties for the database connection with 2 method calls and set the query you want to execute after that. Start the following steps to display a query result in a HBasic program:

1) Load the hbasic_dbquery package in the package manager
2) Insert an instance of the hbasic_dbquery component in your project form.

3) Call the method <compname>.setDbConnect( driver, host, database_name ) to define the database you want to connect to. Driver is the Qt driver type that depends on that type of your database server. Currently available Qt database drivers are:

4) Call the method <compname>.setDbUser( user, password ) to define the user who should connect to the database.
5) Call the method <compname>.setQuery( <query_string> ) to define the select statement that should be executed.

If you execute this program you should now see the query result within the dbquery component.

HBasic program that has been used in the program above:

Sub button1_clicked()
   queryresult1.setDbConnect( "QMYSQL3", "localhost", "hbasic" )
   queryresult1.setDbUser( "root", "orange" )
   queryresult1.setQuery( "select * from tab1" )
End Sub