NET libraries in package-manager

Before you can use a class which is stored in a NET library in your HBasic program you have to load the library file. Loading libraries will be handled by the package-manager in HBasic. You can open the package-manager with a mouseclick on the Toolbar icon for the package manager or with the menu ../Package Manager. A new dialog opens and displays a list of known packages and some fields for the subcomponents of a package. The following image shows an example of the package manager in action.

When you want to use a new NET package you first have to add it to the list of known packages. Click the Add package button and select the name of the package file in the file dialog that pops up. If HBasic could load the package correctly it will display this in the list of known packages in the upper half of the package manager.

Loading NET libraries with the Package Editor

Load reference to NET package into package editor

Display Information about NET Classes

Code completion for NET classes