Prerequisites for the HBasic base package

Before you can install or compile HBasic you have to install two libraries needed as a prerequisite. If this libraries have already been installed on your computer you may skip this section.

The first is which is used for dynamically linking the modules which extend HBasic with new components. This library should already exist in a normal LINUX installation.

The second library is Qt ( in a version >= 3.0. HBasic needs the version >= 3.0 because database access through Qt is only possible starting at version 3.0. 

You can download the sourcecode for this libraries from the following internet pages:

Download from

If you install this prerequisites from the sourcecode follow the installation instructions of this software packages.

If you you want to install this software from binary rpm packages you may them on your distribution CDROM or in the internet (for example at

The normal qt-rpm package may not include everything needed for HBasic. Some distributions put the database plugins or the lupdate and lrelease programs needed to compile translations into separate packages. It may be required to additionally install the qt-devel package or qt-designer package where RedHat for example has put the lupdate and lrelease programs.