Display method popup description

Starting with version 0.9.3 I have added some additional features to describe methods and components in shared libraries. This has changed the format of the library description files but I hope that it will be the last change for a longer time. I therefore had to extend the libdesc program and adapt HBasic accessing the library description files. New features for the description are:

If you have inserted a method description in the libdesc program this will be displayed if the HBasic source code editor find the method name with a following '(' sign. The image below shows the popup that will be created to describe the method str from the hbasic_stdgui package. This method may be called with 2 types of parameter lists and will therefore be described with 2 different lines. For each parameter list a description line from the method description will be displayed. Further the names of the parameters will be used instead of parameter names like par1, par2...

If you have assigned a docid in the libdesc program this will be used as a reference to further HTML docu. HBasic will display a small button in front of the method parameter description. If you click on this button the appropriate HTML info will be displayed in an additional dialog like displayed in the image below. Docid's are numbers starting with 1. For each number HBasic tries to find a HTML document named msg*****.html in the folder /usr/local/hbasic/docid where ***** will be replaced by the docid of a method. If you have defined a method called testadd and assigned a docid 123 in the libdesc program for this method the source code editor will display the file /usr/local/hbasic/docid/msg00123.html if it is available whenever you click on the small button with the question mark in the help popup.