Resizing widgets at runtime

When editing a HBasic form with some widgets you will normally set fixed values for the position and size of the widgets. When executing the program on another machine it might be started with another screen resolution than the screen where the form has been created. Therefore the user wants to resize the form to fit on his screen. The default for HBasic widgets is that they will not be resized if the user changes the size of the form. Starting with version 0.9.2 I have inserted a property for all widgets which may be used to control if widgets will be resized or moved automatically if the user changes the size of the surrending form widget.

The property name is autoResize and you may select the following values:
The following image should show you how the widget will be changed in the different modes.

In another example 4 widgets of different colors will be expanded in 4 different ways.

In this image the property has been set to no resize for the blue widget, resize horizontal for the green widget, resize vertical for the yellow widget and resize both for the red widget. Using this property it should be possible to adapt the size of widgets within a HBasic form automatically if the form will be resized by the user.