SQL Statement designer

The SQL statement designer is a dialog where you can create and edit named SQL statements. The statements will be listed in the project tree of your HBasic project. Saving the project will also store the SQL statement list. When loading a new project file all SQL statements listed in this project will be restored.


When you start the SQL statement designer you can see a list of defined SQL statements in the upper listview. Each SQL statement has a name, a description and the actual SQL statement. If one of the SQL statements in the upper list is selected you can see these parts in edit fields in the bottom of the dialog.


Table description

When you want to edit the current statement you may need some information about the tables and column in the database. Click on the Table info tab of the SQL statement designer to switch to a separate display of the tables and their columns.

Instead of the list of queries you can now see the tables in the database on the left side and the columns of the currently selected table on the right side.