HBasic Documentation

HBasic is a Linux program to edit and execute programs with a BASIC style language. This page is the start of a tree of documents that show how to use HBasic and how a developer may add features to HBasic. The documentation is currently in and early state and will be extended in the future.

List of HBasic examples
This list of example programs shows the capabilities of HBasic with some small program listings. This is simply the fastest way for the user to learn about HBasic and for the developer to list the examples with which HBasic has been tested.
This site shows some screenshots of different HBasic dialogs to get a feeling of the look of HBasic.
User guide (+ Installation instructions)
The user guide contains descriptions and listings for all functions, statements, methods, properties and events encompassed by the HBasic language. It also gives some information how to use the HBasic IDE.
Database access
These documents explain how you can access a database from the HBasic IDE or from your HBasic source code.
Change history
List of changes that have been made with new HBasic versions.
Class index (generated with KDoc 2.0)
List of HBasic class definitions with references to sourcefiles. Documenting HBasic classes and methods will be done in KDoc style for further changes.
Programmers guide
The programmers guide contains information how the HBasic program has been build. Here you can find information about the HBasic code and how you may help to extend it.
The reference provides additional appendixes about the HBasic language and the HBasic sourcecode itself.

Additional comment

Since my english is not perfect every form of suggestions how the documentation should be changed are welcome.