Installation of HBasic


You can download HBasic from the internet as a single compressed file which includes everything you need to compile and install HBasic from the sources. If you can find a rpm package for the current version hou can find installation instructions for them here. Since I had many problemns with the rpm files especially with the change in object code between the gcc 3.1 and gcc 3.2 compilers I will currently only put the sourcecode version on the HBasic download pages.

To get an executable version of the program hbasic on your computer you have to execute the following steps.
  1. Install prerequisites for HBasic
  2. Create a directory for HBasic
  3. Unpack the file you have downloaded
  4. Compile the source code
  5. Install the hbasic executable
  6. Start HBasic

2) Create a directory for HBasic

Create a new empty directory anywhere on your computer. In the following examples I use HBASICDIR as the name of the directory but you may replace it by whatever name you like (e.g. /var/adm/packages/hbasic).


3) Unpack the file

Move the file that you have downloaded from the internet to HBASICDIR and uncompress and untar the file.

If your download file has a name ending with *.bz2 use
bzip2 -d <filename>

to uncompress it. If the file ends with ".gz" use

gzip -d <filename>

to uncompress the file. Use

tar -xvf hbasic.xx.tar

to untar the file.

4) Compile the sourcecode

Go to the hbasic subdirectory of your installation directory and type


to compile the hbasic source code. You should now find an executable called hbasic in HBASICDIR.

5) Install the HBasic executable

When you type make install (as user root) you will copy the HBasic executable hbasic to /usr/local/bin (or another directory if you have types ./configure --prefix=dir) and install some files needed for hbasic in /usr/local/hbasic. This will be done by a short installation skript which normally must be run as root user (Type su - and password of root before starting make install ).

6) Start HBasic

Start HBasic by typing hbasic on the commandline.

If you get any error messages during compilation or installation of HBasic check if you fullfilled every prerequisit for HBasic. If this is ok try to describe the error and send me an error message to