Installation guide


This document should describe all installation steps needed for the HBasic program and it's extensions. The steps needed for installation depend on what you want to install and the method of installation. The products you may install are the HBasic program, needed prerequisites and optional extensions for HBasic. The distribution of HBasic has been separated into the HBasic program (called HBasic base package) and the documentation pages which have become very large because of the images.

Optional extensions are
The installation method may be to install a prepared rpm package (if available) or compile the products from source.

Installing HBasic

Installing optional features

Binary rpm

For those who do not want to compile HBasic themself I have created a binary rpm file. This is a simple copy of the binary files on my computer and may not work in the environment of other Linux installations. If it doesn't work on your computer try to compile the source code. I have tested the rpm file with the SuSE and Red Hat distribution. 

Install rpm with:

rpm -i HBasic-###HBASIC_VERSION###.i386.rpm

If you get a failed dependancy error message for qt-3.x.rpm although you have installed it try to install with

rpm -i HBasic-###HBASIC_VERSION###.i386.rpm --nodeps